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Agreena - for sustainable and profitable farming

Agreena Careers
Agreena is a leading company in the agricultural industry, specializing in sustainable and profitable farming solutions. Our mission is to support farmers in transitioning to regenerative agriculture practices and achieving a net-zero carbon footprint. With over 500,000 hectares under management and farmers participating from 14 European countries, Agreena is recognized as the world's leading soil carbon platform for farmers. One of our key offerings is high-quality nature-based carbon certificates, which incentivize farmers to adopt regenerative practices while providing them with an additional annual income. These certificates are internationally accredited and third-party verified, ensuring the credibility and transparency of our services. In addition to our carbon certificates, we also offer finance options to support the global transition to regenerative agriculture. We believe in providing farmers with the necessary resources and tools to enhance their profitability and long-term prosperity. Agreena's recent acquisition of Hummingbird Technologies has allowed us to enhance our capabilities in monitoring, reporting, and verifying farm practices and outcomes. By leveraging ground truth, big data, and machine-learning, our remote sensing monitoring capabilities enable us to detect key metrics of regenerative agriculture, such as reduced tillage, cover crops, and crop rotations. This scalable and reliable approach ensures accurate reporting and helps farmers track their progress towards sustainability goals. At Agreena, we firmly believe that farmers should have ownership and control of the climate benefits they create. That's why we provide farmers with the choice to keep, sell, or have us sell their carbon certificates on their behalf. By empowering farmers to have a direct impact on the climate crisis and benefit financially from their sustainability efforts, we are driving positive change in the agricultural sector. For certificate buyers, AgreenaCarbon offers the opportunity to cultivate a climate positive impact in agriculture. By supporting our farmers who are pioneering regenerative agriculture practices, buyers can help turn agriculture into a climate solution. By purchasing Agreena's carbon certificates, buyers not only finance the transformation of the agricultural sector but also contribute to other positive impacts, such as soil health, improved water retention, and increased biodiversity. AgreenaCarbon also offers support and guidance to advisors who are interested in accelerating the green transition and supporting farmers' financial success. By partnering with Agreena, advisors can play a crucial role in promoting regenerative agriculture practices and helping farmers navigate the carbon market. Ultimately, Agreena is a leading company dedicated to promoting sustainable and profitable farming practices. We offer comprehensive technical and financial solutions, as well as advisor and partner support, to empower farmers in their transition to regenerative agriculture. Together, we can drive sustainable and profitable farming while making a positive impact on the environment. Join us in our mission to make farming more sustainable, profitable, and environmentally responsible.
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