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AccelByte Careers
AccelByte is a leading company in the gaming industry that specializes in providing a battle-tested and extensible game backend platform. Their primary focus is to deliver the best possible gameplay experience to players by offering a wide range of services such as cross-platform accounts, matchmaking, in-game store, analytics, and more. Founded and built by the community, AccelByte has established itself as the go-to solution for over 50 leading studios in the gaming industry. These studios rely on AccelByte's platform to build games that cater to millions of players. By offloading the backend development to AccelByte, these studios can ensure a smooth gaming experience and scalability across multiple platforms. AccelByte understands the challenges faced by game developers in creating excellent backend technology. Their aim is to provide a world-class experience that allows game developers to focus on their core task of making games. Their platform has been instrumental in helping studios like The Anacrusis ship their games, offering multiple server options and a high level of confidence in scalability. One of the key advantages of leveraging AccelByte's platform is the ability to quickly get started and build the right team. The platform allows for rapid iteration on custom features while addressing the specific needs of each studio. Built on a massively scalable microservices architecture, AccelByte Gaming Services is fully extensible and provides a secure environment for both game studios and players. AccelByte places a strong emphasis on the security and privacy of data for game studios building on their platform. They prioritize the protection of player data and provide a reliable and trustworthy solution for game developers. To learn more about AccelByte and their comprehensive game backend services, interested parties can always reach out to their knowledgeable team for more information.
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Software Development
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United States, Washington, Seattle

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