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Abarca Health

Abarca Health - PBM Services

Abarca Health Careers
Abarca Health is a leading pharmacy benefits management (PBM) company that is dedicated to delivering savings and improving healthcare for the people and organizations it serves. The company focuses on lowering drug benefit costs through aggressive guarantees, advanced trend management programs, and a bold specialty strategy. Abarca's next-generation PBM platform, Darwin™, is fully integrated and user-friendly, providing members with greater control over prescriptions and health through their home delivery app. Transparency and simplicity are core values at Abarca. The company takes pride in its straightforward approach to business, avoiding optics and games. Abarca is committed to bringing predictability and transparency to drug spend management through its net cost guarantee pricing solution, Assura. By leveraging smarter technology and a team driven to find a better way, Abarca helps payers innovate and compete in the ever-changing healthcare market. Abarca has a bold vision for the future of healthcare, prioritizing the people they serve over the numbers. The company manages a significant volume of drug spend annually, processes a large number of Rx claims, and has achieved a high Part D rating for their clients. Abarca is always on the lookout for individuals who share their passion for making healthcare seamless and personalized for everyone to join their team.
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Abarca Health

Hospitals and Health Care
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United States, Texas, San Juan

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