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7shifts: Team Management for Restaurants

Easy Employee Scheduling Software for Restaurants | 7shifts

7shifts: Team Management for Restaurants Careers
7shifts is a leading team management platform specifically designed for restaurants. Our innovative software simplifies employee scheduling, streamlines team communication, and helps restaurant owners and managers reduce labor costs and maintain compliance with labor laws. With over 30,000 restaurants already using 7shifts, our platform is trusted by businesses of all sizes, from local independents to large franchise groups. Unlike other team management platforms, 7shifts offers flexible pricing options with no long-term contracts required. You can choose between monthly and annual plans and cancel at any time. We even offer a 14-day free trial with full access to all features, so you can experience firsthand how 7shifts can benefit your restaurant. Our mobile app makes it easy for employees to access their schedules, submit availability, request time off, and communicate with their team. The Shift Pool feature allows employees to offer up or bid on open shifts, giving them more control over their schedule. Managers can also use the app to improve productivity and empower employees with features like shift swapping and availability management. With thousands of positive reviews in the app store, it's clear that restaurant employees love the convenience and flexibility that 7shifts provides. Join the thousands of restaurants already using 7shifts to streamline operations, improve team communication, and ultimately drive success for your business.
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7shifts: Team Management for Restaurants

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