Time tracking for Azure DevOps, TFS, VSTS with 7pace Timetracker

7pace Careers
RBRO Solutions offers a time tracking software called Timetracker that helps companies monitor and analyze their employees' work hours and project progress. The software is designed to provide visibility into where time is being spent and allows teams to become more predictable and accurate in forecasting.
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7pace is a time tracking and management tool for software teams. It promotes a culture of efficiency, collaboration, and remote work. 7pace supports remote work arrangements, providing tools for remote time management and team collaboration. based on the company's focus on professional project and time management for software development, it is likely that the company culture values efficiency, productivity, and attention to detail. Additionally, as the company specializes in time tracking for software development, it may prioritize a data-driven approach to decision-making and a focus on meeting deadlines.


IT Services and IT Consulting
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Germany, Bavaria, Munich

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