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10up | finely crafted websites and tools

10up Careers
10up is a leading company in the field of website development and tool creation, with a specialization in delivering finely crafted solutions for content creators. With a strong dedication to improving the web, 10up utilizes their extensive knowledge and expertise to enhance the online presence of their clients. With a widespread presence in major cities across the United States, including Portland, San Francisco, LA, Dallas, Chicago, DC, Boston, New York, Atlanta, Orlando, and Miami, 10up is capable of serving clients from various locations. This extensive reach allows them to cater to a diverse range of clients and provide them with tailored solutions. One of the key aspects that sets 10up apart is their commitment to knowledge sharing and industry insights. Their blog serves as a platform to showcase their expertise, where they regularly share valuable insights and updates. Topics covered include the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with WordPress, with a focus on tools like ClassifAI and Jetpack's AI Assistant. This demonstrates their ability to leverage AI technology to assist content creators on the WordPress platform, further enhancing their clients' online presence. In addition to their expertise in AI integration, 10up also introduces HeadstartWP, an open-source framework for headless WordPress sites. This framework, built on WordPress and Next.js, incorporates lessons learned from their vast experience in developing and supporting numerous headless sites. HeadstartWP offers developers time-saving efficiencies while maintaining the premium craftsmanship that 10up is known for. Overall, 10up is a company that excels in creating high-quality websites and tools for content creators. Their extensive presence across major cities, coupled with their commitment to utilizing the latest technologies, enables them to consistently deliver exceptional results. With their expertise and unwavering dedication to excellence, 10up continuously strives to make the web better for their clients.
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