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Cognitive Performance Assessment

Welcome to our Cognitive Performance Test, an intelligence test designed to assess and enhance your cognitive abilities. This free test is not only a valuable tool for measuring your intelligence but also serves as an excellent resource for test preparation, practice, and brain training.

Hard IQ Test

The value derived from a scientifically designed assessment called the Hard IQ Test lies in its ability to accurately measure an individual's cognitive abilities and provide insights into their intellectual strengths and weaknesses. This assessment can be used for prep or practice to enhance problem-solving skills, critical thinking abilities, and logical reasoning. By identifying areas of improvement, individuals can engage in targeted brain training exercises to enhance their overall cognitive performance. For example, practicing with the Hard IQ Test can help individuals improve their pattern recognition skills, mathematical abilities, and verbal reasoning, ultimately leading to enhanced academic or professional performance.


The benefits of a cognitive performance assessment include gaining insight into one's cognitive abilities, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and receiving personalized recommendations for improvement. For example, a test-taker may discover that they excel in logical reasoning but struggle with working memory. This knowledge can help them make informed decisions about their academic or professional pursuits and develop targeted strategies to enhance their cognitive skills.

Hard IQ Test

How much does an IQ test cost? Gyfted's cognitive ability tests are entirely free, making them a cost-effective option for individuals seeking to assess their reasoning ability. Compared to the s2 Cognition Test, Gyfted is not only cheaper but also offers a comprehensive evaluation of one's cognitive abilities. Additionally, Gyfted surpasses the Buzzfeed IQ Test in terms of accuracy and reliability. With Gyfted, individuals can access a high-quality IQ test without any financial burden, ensuring a reliable assessment of their cognitive abilities.

How you can use this test?

Gyfted's free cognitive ability test surpasses the Brainable IQ Test due to its utilization of machine learning and computer-adaptive technology, as well as its extensive testing on a large number of participants. By incorporating machine learning, Gyfted's test adapts to the individual's responses, providing a more accurate assessment of their cognitive abilities. Additionally, the test's extensive testing on hundreds of thousands of respondents ensures its reliability and validity, making it a superior choice for evaluating cognitive abilities compared to the Brainable IQ Test.
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Frequently asked questions

Do intelligent people swear more?

There is no direct correlation between intelligence and the frequency of swearing. Swearing is a form of language expression that can be influenced by various factors such as cultural background, upbringing, personal values, and social environment. While some studies suggest that individuals with higher verbal intelligence may have a larger vocabulary, including a wider range of swear words, it does not necessarily mean they swear more frequently. Intelligent people often have a better understanding of social norms and the appropriate use of language, which may lead them to choose their words more carefully and refrain from excessive swearing.
Swearing is - studies show - in fact that more emotionally expressive individuals tend to swear more.

Do standardized tests measure intelligence?

Standardized tests do not measure intelligence comprehensively. While they can assess certain cognitive abilities and knowledge, intelligence is a multifaceted concept that encompasses various aspects such as problem-solving skills, creativity, emotional intelligence, and social skills, which are not adequately captured by standardized tests. These tests primarily focus on evaluating a student's ability to recall and apply information within a specific time frame, often neglecting other crucial aspects of intelligence. Additionally, intelligence is a dynamic and evolving trait that can be developed and nurtured over time, whereas standardized tests tend to provide a snapshot of a person's abilities at a particular moment, limiting their ability to truly measure intelligence.
Factors such as socioeconomic status and language proficiency can significantly impact test performance. Furthermore, intelligence is not solely determined by academic achievements, and individuals can possess exceptional intelligence in domains that are not assessed by standardized tests, such as artistic or athletic abilities. Therefore, while standardized tests can provide some insights into a person's cognitive abilities, they should not be considered as the sole or definitive measure of intelligence.