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Which The Simpsons Character Am I Quiz

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The Simpsons characters: the iconic animated show

The Simpsons has been on the air since 1989 and has become an iconic part of American culture. The Simpsons is one of the most iconic and beloved animated shows in history. The show has amassed a legion of fans around the world. One of the show's main appeals is its unique and diverse cast of characters. The Simpsons characters are unique, fresh and have stayed relevant over the years.
The show has become known for its biting satire, cultural references, and unique cast of characters. The show's characters are a large part of what makes it so successful. The Simpsons has a diverse cast of characters that range from Homer Simpson, the lovable buffoon, to Lisa Simpson, the intelligent and caring daughter. Each character has their own unique personality, which makes them stand out and adds to the show's overall appeal.

Which character personality quiz

This fun project is inspired by crowdsourced ratings of character personalities collected by the Open Psychometrics website, namely by over 3 million volunteers of the Statistical "Which Character" Personality Quiz to rate characters on descriptive adjectives and other properties, which can be aggregated to create profiles that users can be matched to as part of a personality test. For more information please check out Open Psychometrics.

This data was obtained from under a Creative Commons license and Gyfted’s tests are non-commercially available in open source form.