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Brooklyn Nine-Nine characters - Comedy series about a diverse team of NYPD detectives' hijinks.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a popular American television sitcom that first premiered in 2013. The show centers around a diverse group of detectives working in a police precinct in Brooklyn, New York. The lead character, Jake Peralta, is a skilled but immature detective who often butts heads with his new commanding officer, the strict and by-the-book Captain Raymond Holt. As the series progresses, the audience gets to know the entire cast of characters, including the talented and confident detective Rosa Diaz, the sweet and bumbling detective Charles Boyle, and the ambitious and competitive detective Amy Santiago.
Brooklyn Nine-Nine has won critical acclaim for its smart writing, lovable characters, and deft handling of social issues. The show is known for its blend of comedy and drama, as it deftly weaves together humorous storylines with more serious topics like police brutality, racism, and LGBTQ rights. With its quick wit and engaging characters, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has become a fan favorite and is beloved by audiences around the world. Whether you're looking for a laugh or a thoughtful exploration of important issues, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is the perfect show for you.

Which character personality quiz

This fun project is inspired by crowdsourced ratings of character personalities collected by the Open Psychometrics website, namely by over 3 million volunteers of the Statistical "Which Character" Personality Quiz to rate characters on descriptive adjectives and other properties, which can be aggregated to create profiles that users can be matched to as part of a personality test. For more information please check out Open Psychometrics.

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