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Coding Assessments Guide

CoderPad vs HackerRank

Below is a comparison of leading technical skill assessment providers HackerRank and CoderPad. This data is based on information from reddit, software review websites G2 Crowd and Sourceforge, and user review platform TrustPilot.

Coding Assessment Guide

When deciding between CoderPad and HackerRank, consider your recruitment priorities and the type of assessment experience you want to provide for your candidates. If your focus is on a tailored assessment that includes specific job role competencies and live coding functionalities, CoderPad could be the optimal choice. Its predefined tests and customizable aspects can offer a detailed insight into a candidate's proficiency in particular skills. Meanwhile, if your assessment strategy revolves around practical coding scenarios and a broad spectrum of programming languages, HackerRank might be more fitting. With its extensive library of coding challenges and its emphasis on real-world problem-solving, HackerRank can offer a more comprehensive assessment of a candidate's coding ability. Its user-friendly interface further enhances the assessment experience for both recruiters and candidates.
CoderPad is a technical screening platform designed to streamline the interview process for software engineering roles. It offers a real-time programming environment that allows interviewers and candidates to collaborate and solve coding problems together. The platform supports over 30 programming languages and comes with a built-in code execution feature, replicating a real-world coding experience. This enables companies to accurately assess a candidate's coding abilities and problem-solving skills in a hands-on, live setting.
HackerRank is a technology hiring platform that helps businesses evaluate software developers based on skill. Initially launched as a platform for competitive coding, HackerRank has grown to offer a comprehensive suite of recruitment tools. It provides a vast library of coding challenges across different domains and difficulty levels, allowing companies to effectively screen and identify the best tech talent. The platform also offers a feature for conducting live code pair interviews, further enhancing its utility as a comprehensive technical recruitment solution.
Entry Price (August 2023)
Free Trial - PLG ok
Free - PLG friendly
Who it is for
Businesses that employ technical professionals such as developers, engineers, programmers, DevOps, among others.
Companies seeking a platform for conducting technical interviews, to precisely evaluate developer applicants at every stage of the recruitment process.
Key Market Segments
Enterprise and Mid-Market
TrustPilot Rating (August 2023)
Sourceforge Rating (August 2023)
G2 Crowd Rating (August 2023)
Number of Reviews on G2
Ease of Use
Technical Screening Features
Candidate Comparison Candidate Management Challenges Coding Skills Lessons Customizable Testing Reporting Test Authoring Workflow Management
Candidate Comparison Candidate Management Challenges Coding Skills Lessons Customizable Testing Gamification Reporting Test Authoring Workflow Management
Support Quality
Product Direction
Technical Screening
Coding Tests
Tech Assessment Categories
Coding Challenge Pre-employment Testing Recruiting Technical Screening Technical Skills Development
Coding Challenge Pre-employment Testing Technical Screening
Company info
HackerRank Founded: 2012 United States www.hackerrank.com/
CoderPad Founded: 2015 United States coderpad.io

User and Candidate Experience

HackerRank is designed to provide a seamless and intuitive experience for users. It offers a diverse range of pre-defined tests, enabling companies to efficiently assess candidate skills. The platform also allows candidates to practice coding, participate in contests, and connect with a global community of developers. This dual approach enhances the user experience, offering value to both companies and candidates.
CoderPad, on the other hand, emphasizes simplicity and real-time collaboration. It offers an interactive coding environment where interviewers can watch candidates code in real-time, enhancing the interview experience. The platform supports multiple programming languages and provides a user-friendly interface, making it easy for candidates to showcase their coding skills during interviews. This real-time collaboration feature sets CoderPad apart, offering users a unique and engaging experience.

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Pre-made Test Library

CoderPad provides a comprehensive set of predefined tests that encompass various coding concepts and languages. The platform offers flexibility in customization, allowing recruiters to design tests that correspond to particular job roles. This ensures that the applicant's proficiency is measured against the specific skills required for the job. The platform also supports a live coding environment, facilitating real-time interaction between the interviewer and the candidate, which can enhance the assessment process.
HackerRank boasts a vast library of coding challenges, ranging from various difficulty levels to diverse programming languages. The platform not only allows the creation of custom tests but also emphasizes on practical coding scenarios. This makes HackerRank ideal for assessing a candidate's ability to solve real-world programming problems. Additionally, HackerRank supports multiple programming languages and features a user-friendly interface, making it a versatile tool for both recruiters and candidates.

Skill Testing Features

Candidate Comparisons
Talent Management
Customizable Tests
Real Time Reporting
Skills Testing
Test Authoring
Workflow Management

Integration Capability

CoderPad facilitates seamless integrations with numerous Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), streamlining the recruitment workflow. They also provide API integrations, enabling a more personalized user experience.
In comparison, HackerRank provides extensive integration capabilities with a variety of ATS and HR software, simplifying its incorporation into current recruitment procedures. Furthermore, its API integrations permit a customized recruitment journey.

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