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Coding Assessments Guide

DevSkiller vs Codility

Below is a comparison of leading technical skill assessment providers Codility and DevSkiller. This data is based on information from reddit, software review websites G2 Crowd and Sourceforge, and user review platform TrustPilot.

Coding Assessment Guide

When choosing between DevSkiller and Codility, consider the unique features and benefits each platform brings to your talent assessment process. DevSkiller stands out with its authentic testing environment, emulating an actual Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that provides candidates with a realistic coding experience. It also offers a broad range of predefined tests covering diverse coding languages and concepts, with a customization feature that allows creation of tests for specific job roles. Codility, while also providing a robust library of predefined tests and customization options, distinguishes itself with the CodeLive feature. This allows real-time, interactive coding sessions, which can be especially useful during final stage interviews for a more engaging experience. Codility also places a strong emphasis on algorithmic thinking in their tests, mirroring the real-world challenges that software developers often encounter. Therefore, the choice between these two platforms would be largely dependent on the specific needs of your recruitment process and the kind of testing environment you wish to provide to your candidates.
DevSkiller is a tech recruitment platform that specializes in assessing the practical skills of software developers using real-life coding tasks. The platform stands out for its innovative approach to testing, using its RealLifeTesting™ methodology to recreate the first-day-of-work experience. This allows companies to evaluate how candidates would handle actual work situations, making the recruitment process more efficient and accurate.
Codility is a software platform focused on aiding tech recruitment by evaluating the coding skills of candidates in a streamlined and efficient manner. It is well-regarded for its structured coding tests and challenges that mirror real-world scenarios. This allows recruiters to measure the practical abilities of candidates, ensuring that they select the best talent for their organization's needs.
Entry Price (August 2023)
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Who it is for
Codility caters to businesses of various sizes that aim to improve their technical hiring procedures.
Technical Recruitment Specialists, Information Technology Experts, Talent Procurement Professionals, and Talent Growth Specialists.
Key Market Segments
Small Business and Mid-Market
TrustPilot Rating (August 2023)
Sourceforge Rating (August 2023)
G2 Crowd Rating (August 2023)
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Ease of Use
Technical Screening Features
Candidate Comparison Candidate Management Challenges Coding Skills Lessons Customizable Testing Gamification Reporting Test Authoring Workflow Management
Candidate Comparison Candidate Management Challenges Coding Skills Lessons Customizable Testing Gamification Reporting Test Authoring Workflow Management
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Product Direction
Technical Screening
Coding Tests
Tech Assessment Categories
Assessment Coding Challenge Human Resources Pre-employment Testing Recruiting Technical Screening Video Interviewing
Assessment Coding Challenge Pre-employment Testing Technical Screening Video Interviewing
Company info
Codility Founded: 2009 Poland / United States www.codility.com
DevSkiller Founded: 2013 Poland devskiller.com

User and Candidate Experience

Codility offers a seamless user and candidate experience through its intuitive interface and structured assessments. Users can create and manage tests with ease, while candidates can navigate through the testing process smoothly. Codility also provides comprehensive test reports, assisting users in making informed decisions based on candidate performance.
DevSkiller, meanwhile, offers a robust platform that focuses on real-life coding tests and tasks, providing a practical experience for candidates. The platform is user-friendly, allowing users to easily set up, administer, and review coding tests. Candidates can work on their assessments using their preferred development tools, adding a level of comfort and familiarity to the testing process. DevSkiller also offers detailed reporting, providing useful insights into candidate performance and skill level.

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Pre-made Test Library

DevSkiller provides a diverse range of predefined tests that encompass an array of coding languages and concepts. The platform's customization feature allows recruiters to generate tests that are specifically tailored to align with particular job roles. DevSkiller's testing platform also emulates a real Integrated Development Environment (IDE), providing candidates with a realistic and professional coding environment. This includes the ability to run unit tests, which adds an additional layer of authenticity to the coding test.
Codility, too, offers an impressive library of predefined tests, covering several coding concepts and languages. This platform also allows for customization, with the ability to design tests that align with specific job roles. However, Codility sets itself apart with its CodeLive feature that allows for real-time, interactive coding sessions. This feature can be particularly beneficial for final stage interviews, where a more interactive experience may be required. Codility also emphasizes the importance of algorithmic thinking in their tests, reflecting the day-to-day challenges software developers may face.

Skill Testing Features

Candidate Comparisons
Talent Management
Customizable Tests
Real Time Reporting
Skills Testing
Test Authoring
Workflow Management

Integration Capability

Codility offers a strong integration capability, allowing for a streamlined recruitment process by easily syncing with widely used Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). Additionally, it offers API integrations, which provides an opportunity for a more personalized user experience, enhancing the overall recruitment workflow.
DevSkiller, a leading technical skill assessment provider, also provides comprehensive integration options. It connects seamlessly with various ATS and HR software, ensuring an efficient recruitment process. The availability of API integrations further enhances the flexibility of its platform, enabling a customized recruitment journey.

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