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Reach and identify applicants for remote and hybrid jobs easily using our job board aka. Gyfted’s job feed.
A remote and hybrid job board powered by behavioral science measures of role and cultural fit.
Tailored for startups and culture-first teams.

Used by teams inside growth startups and brands in the US & Europe

Evaluate talent for different kinds of roles

Our software automatically learns your preferences and shows you candidates that fit you regardless of the role in tech or services your’re hiring for.

Recruiting & People

Recruiters, IT recruiters, HR business partners, recruitment coordinators, sourcers, talent partners.


Junior and mid software engineers, front-end, back-end and full-stack developers, javascript developers, python developers.


Operations managers, Business operations, Strategy manager, operations associate.


Sales development representatives (SDRs), business development representatives (BDRs), account executives, inside sales reps, sales ninjas.

Customer Support

Customer success managers (CSMs), account managers, customer support reps, customer operations.


Marketing managers, growth marketers, growth hackers, social media managers, marketing analysts.


Data analysts, data engineers, product analysts, data scientists, data specialists, business data analysts, ML engineers.


Product managers, product designers, UX/UI designers, product owners, product architect.


Financial analysts, finance managers, financial advisors, financial specialists, finance officers, finance coordinators.

Here’s how it works

Write your job post using our job wizard
Post the job to get your applicants
We check and curate your post
Gyfted screens for cultural and role fit
Review your candidate matches
Identify hidden talent and hire!

Key features of Gyfted’s job feed

understand yourself results
Cultural and role fit measures
Candidate cultural and role fit assessments based on shared values and preferences can help you figure out who could be a great fit for your team and organization.
jungian assessment results
Powerful applicants filters
Filter applicants by skills, salary, location. Sort applicants by culture fit specific to your needs, overall fit relevant to the role and to your needs.
diversity hiring results
Objective rankings
Assess candidates on auto-pilot and see a stacked-ranking of candidates powered by powerful filters and search. Our system learns your preferences when you create your role and when you select applicants, so you can make better hiring decisions.

Free role and cultural fit assessments

We do not charge you per assessment or per screened applicant. That way we’re better aligned with you.
Automate screening and hire easily.
One link to start screening applicants.
Candidates get valuable test feedback.
Save time on screening phone calls.
Stop paying for tests!
Stop worrying about costs.

Post hybrid jobs

Best hybrid and remote job board for growth startups

Use Gyfted’s startup recruitment software and job board to identify top candidates while giving them a great candidate experience with bias free assessment feedbacks.

Gyfted’s applicant screening works magic!

Gyfted combines role and cultural fit assessments with ability and learning agility testing to give you the best solution to hire for culture fit and for potential for your startup and growth company.
You create a role that you want to hire for by giving us just the basics that matter, and your character plus culture fit preferences in a short assessment.
You get a unique link for each role. You can use it or our job feed, to gather applicants and auto-screen them using our powerful matching engine.
Candidates are asked to select behaviors and preference statements that are most like them.
Ability tests (if included) help us determine the overall fit of applicants. In order to protect candidate privacy we do not show the results of these tests.
High quality data helps us inform metrics that improve your decision-making while cutting down on your unconscious biases.
Gather more candidates faster, while saving time and money on your selection process and recruitment decisions.

Best ATS for startups

You can use Gyfted’s screening tool like a stand-alone ATS for recruiters, although it’s a matching and screening solution that has a job feed element and integrates with your ATS.

Gyfted is the first simple, easy to use SaaS recruitment solution tailored to the needs of founders and teams. Get value by hiring for startup mindset and cultural fit frictionlessly.

Easy and efficient job posting

Forget legacy job boards and HRtech. Get signals that beat tests, CVs and screening interviews. At an affordable price that’s transparent!

“Assessments” are analog, we improve how they’re delivered easily. Job search and tests are horrible for candidates and employers nowadays - we’re changing this.

Remote job posting

Frequently asked questions

What does hybrid mean in a job posting?

When you see the word "hybrid" in a job posting, it means that the job will offer a unique combination of responsibilities and work arrangements. This can be a great opportunity for job seekers who are looking for a flexible and dynamic work environment. A hybrid job can provide a perfect blend of flexibility, creativity, and growth opportunities.
A hybrid job often involves a mix of different tasks and duties that may span across multiple departments or areas of expertise. This can be an exciting challenge for those who enjoy learning new skills and taking on diverse responsibilities. Additionally, a hybrid job may offer the opportunity to work remotely part of the time, while also coming into the office for in-person collaboration and meetings.

How to post a hybrid or remote job?

Simply click on “post job” above and go through the process. It’s intuitive and easy, all you have to do is know what your hybrid model is ie. what number of days per week/bi-weekly or per month employees are expected to come to work for. For remote jobs all you have to do is indicate your preferred remote time zones.

How do you curate job postings on Gyfted?

We reserve the right to maintain quality on Gyfted’s job feed in order to attract top quality candidates. That is why we curate our job posts. Our free job posts can be anonymized, and paid job postings can be de-anonymized and enhanced for employer branding purposes where you can provide your unique employer value proposition (EVP) to attract more applicants.

Why is matching for culture fit important in recruiting?

Matching for culture fit is important in recruiting because it helps ensure that new hires will be able to work effectively within the existing company culture. Culture fit refers to how well a candidate's values, beliefs, and behaviors align with those of the organization. When employees share similar values and work styles, they are more likely to work well together, communicate effectively, and collaborate to achieve common goals.
A strong culture fit can also lead to increased job satisfaction and higher retention rates. Employees who feel like they fit in with the company culture are more likely to enjoy their work, feel engaged, and remain with the company long-term. On the other hand, poor culture fit can result in low morale, conflict, and turnover.
Moreover, cultural fit can also contribute to a more cohesive and positive work environment, which can improve productivity, creativity, and overall performance. A workforce that is aligned with the company culture is better equipped to achieve organizational goals and contribute to the company's success.

How does Gyfted's applicant screening work?

You can try out our free version. All candidates are screened for cultural preferences and matched according to those. You can also have aplicants screened for role fit as well as potential ie. ability. We do so in order to automate workflows to save both you and candidates time on Gyfted’s platform.

Where to post remote jobs for free?

Try free job posts on Gyfted, FlexJobs, Remote.co, Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn. You can still use Gyfted’s pre-screening software to gather, sort and select candidates in one place easily, on top of your ATS.

Why don't job postings include salary?

On Gyfted we require all companies to inform us about salary ranges for job postings. Job markets will not function well without price transparency ie. salary transparency.
Employers often choose not to include salary information in job postings to maintain flexibility in the hiring process, avoid conflicts with existing employees, and test the market demand for the position.
Most companies tend to avoid posting salaries in jobs. There’s multiple reasons for this. The main one being keeping salary information ‘secret’ from existing employees in order to suppress wage demands, and that is so often in corporates as well as smaller companies. Job postings may not include salary information is to avoid potential conflicts with existing employees. If current employees discover that new hires are being offered higher salaries than their own, they may feel undervalued and demotivated. This could result in low morale, decreased productivity, and potentially high employee turnover rates. By keeping salary information confidential, employers can avoid creating resentment among existing employees.
Another reason employers may hide salary information is to maintain flexibility in the hiring process - to have the ability to adjust the salary offer based on the experience, qualifications, and negotiation skills of the candidate. This approach allows employers to tailor compensation packages to each candidate, rather than offering a fixed salary that may not be appropriate for all candidates.
Finally, employers may choose to omit salary information in job postings to test the market demand for the position. If the employer receives a large number of qualified applicants, they may consider increasing the salary range to attract the best candidates. And if there are few qualified candidates, they may lower the salary range to make the position more attractive to potential candidates.

How long are job postings up?

Job postings are up for a minimum of a month, can be up longer if employers wish to keep them up for longer, or shorter if they’ve been filled and are no longer needed.
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