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Hire Customer Service Representatives

We understand the importance of finding the right talent for your customer service representative roles, and with our open access candidate database platform, that process just got a lot easier. Our platform boasts a comprehensive and continuously updated catalog of pre-screened, highly-qualified professionals specializing in remote customer service positions. We focus not only on the essential skills but also on the fit within your company culture, ensuring the candidates we connect you with are primed to succeed in your unique environment. Our vetting process is robust and detail-oriented. By utilizing our unique behavioral assessments, we can predict who will be a reliable performer and an effective team player. We vet for problem-solving capabilities, strategic thinking, reliability, attitude, role fit personality and preferences for cultural add/fit. We take the guesswork out of hiring, providing you with only the cream of the crop, thus saving you valuable time and resources. With our open access candidate database, your next exceptional customer service representative is just a click away.

Pre-vetted Tech Support candidates

At our organization, we take pride in our unique and rigorous vetting process for Customer Support, Tech Support, and Customer Service candidates. Using a combination of industry-leading assessment design, psychometrics, and cognitive science, we are able to predict which candidates will perform reliably and make valuable contributions to their teams. This is more than a simple evaluation of skills; we go a step further to assess problem-solving abilities, strategic thinking capabilities, and overall attitude. In doing so, we ensure that each candidate has both the technical proficiency and mental agility to excel in their role. In line with our comprehensive approach, we also consider personality and culture fit as vital elements in our screening process. We understand the importance of a harmonious work environment to productivity and success. Therefore, our behavioral assessments are designed to reveal not just who can do the job, but who can do it while adding positively to the company culture. We gauge a candidate's personality to determine if it fits the role they're applying for and scrutinize their preferences to predict if they will enhance the existing culture or bring beneficial diversity. This method ensures that our candidates are not only equipped for the job at hand, but are also likely to thrive and grow within their respective teams and the company as a whole.

How we recruit using our expertise in assessment design, psychometrics and cognitive science

We use our own behavioral assessments to predict who will be reliably perform and be a good team player. We screen for: - Problem solving ability and strategic thinking - Reliability and attitude - Personality for Role Fit - Preferences for Cultural Add/Fit

Pre-vetted candidates for cognitive ability, character traits, culture fit and skills

Frequently asked questions

How to hire a customer support agent?

To hire a customer support agent, you first need to clearly define the requirements for the role. Look for candidates with excellent communication skills and problem-solving abilities, as these are key to success in this role. Experience in your particular industry can also be beneficial. Consider using job boards, social media, and professional networks to find potential candidates. Once you have a pool of candidates, screen their resumes and conduct phone or video interviews to assess their skills and fit for the role. The next step is to assess the shortlisted candidates in a practical environment. This can be done by giving them a real-life scenario or problem to solve. Pay close attention to their problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and how well they handle pressure. In addition, consider their cultural fit within your company. Lastly, conduct reference checks to verify the information provided by the candidates. Before making a hiring decision, meet the candidate in person or via a video call to get a better sense of their personality and professionalism.

Should I hire remote customer support?

Yes, hiring remote customer support can be beneficial for your business. It allows access to a wide talent pool, can reduce operational costs, and ensure 24/7 support coverage for global customers. It also offers flexibility to staff, which can increase job satisfaction and productivity. However, you must ensure strong communication systems and processes are in place for successful remote work.
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