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At the core of our service lies an open access platform designed to connect businesses with the most qualified Account Managers in the industry. We recognize that in the sectors of tech, SaaS, professional services, finance, and entertainment, the need for capable, experienced, and dedicated Account Managers is paramount. Our database is teeming with pre-vetted candidates, each boasting unique skills and experiences in sales and account management. Through our platform, your time-consuming search for top-notch Account Managers drastically shortens, bringing you closer to your perfect hire, faster than ever. Our candidate assessment process ensures that every individual you encounter on our platform not only meets your job requirements but also fits seamlessly into your team and corporate culture. Using our proprietary behavioral assessments, we predict the candidate's reliability, their problem-solving ability, strategic thinking, and attitude. Furthermore, we assess each candidate's personality for role fit and their preferences for cultural add. We believe in offering more than just a comprehensive list of candidates; we offer a selection of potential team members who can truly add value to your company. Let us streamline your hiring process without the need for costly recruitment agencies or traditional job advertisement boards. With our platform, your perfect hire is just a click away.

Pre-vetted Account Managers

Our Account Managers are meticulously selected through rigorous behavioral assessments and screenings, which are carefully designed to gauge vital competencies such as problem-solving abilities and strategic thinking. We ensure that our candidates are not just operationally adept but are also capable of deploying critical thinking to handle complex situations, make sound decisions, and develop effective strategies for optimal business outcomes. This rigorous selection process effectively measures cognitive abilities, thus enabling us to identify the top performers who are consistent, reliable, and committed to excellence. In addition to their professional skills, our Account Managers are pre-vetted for character traits and cultural fit, ensuring they not only align with the company's culture but also contribute positively to it. We understand the importance of a harmonious and conducive work environment, hence we recruit individuals who showcase the right attitude, possess a strong work ethic, and demonstrate a personality that fits the role perfectly. This synergy of aptitude and attitude ensures our Account Managers integrate seamlessly into their teams, fostering a culture that drives success, growth, and innovation.

How we recruit using our expertise in assessment design, psychometrics and cognitive science

We use our own behavioral assessments to predict who will be reliably perform and be a good team player. We screen for: - Problem solving ability and strategic thinking - Reliability and attitude - Personality for Role Fit - Preferences for Cultural Add/Fit

Pre-vetted candidates for cognitive ability, character traits, culture fit and skills

Frequently asked questions

How to hire an account manager?

Hiring an account manager starts by identifying the needs of your company and the specific qualifications, skills, and experience necessary for the role. Draft a comprehensive job description detailing the job duties, including customer relationship management, sales targets, and strategic planning responsibilities. This description should also include the personality traits you're seeking, such as exceptional communication skills, ability to work in a team, or superb problem-solving abilities. Furthermore, setting clear requirements for education and experience, like a degree in Business Administration and a minimum of two years in a sales or customer service role can help in screening potential candidates. The next step is advertising the position on appropriate platforms, such as LinkedIn, job boards, or through a recruiting agency like ours that specializes in remote sales and customer success roles. The recruitment process should include a thorough screening of resumes, conducting initial phone interviews, and then in-person or video interviews for promising candidates. It's important to prepare structured interview questions that assess both hard and soft skills. You might also consider presenting real scenarios to evaluate their problem-solving and decision-making abilities. Finally, after picking the candidate that best fits your company's culture and the job requirements, conduct a background check before making the offer.

Should I hire remote account managers?

Yes, hiring remote account managers can be a great strategy for your business. They can help generate sales from anywhere in the world, provide customer support, reduce overhead costs, and provide flexibility. It also widens your talent pool beyond geographical limitations.
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