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Early career recruitment

Junior talent acquisition

Screen and hire tech talent that fits you for the long run
Assess entry level candidates easily
Get qualified, pre-vetted candidates from the best bootcamps and universities
No subscriptions or credit card required
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Hire graduates faster

Hiring new graduates in SDR, BDR, CSM, recruiting is easy with Gyfted
IT talent recruitment in software and data analytics can be fast
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Hidden talent that fits you

Free candidate database

Gyfted’s database for recruitment is free to search. Build your candidate shortlist in a few clicks and reach out to candidates.

Screen and source easily

A seamless experience for you and candidates. Get faster time to hire of qualified candidates. Easy to use filters. Relevant metrics.

Hidden talent that fits you

Hire for culture fit and growth potential. We match pre-vetted candidates for true preferences to save you time on your search and increase retention.

Graduate recruitment services

Free junior talent pool access with no sign up
A junior talent database that you can access for junior talent acquisition of candidates that fit your team for the long run.
IT talent recruitment for the long run
Stop competing for senior developers. Find hidden talent that can fast track into mid and senior roles!
Screening candidates easily
We test junior talent using cognitive assessments, data analytics, English, motivation and soft skills assessments.

Hiring young talent

Create a role. Screen
inbound applicants you get
eg. from job boards
Source junior talent from
Gyfted’s own pre-vetted top
talent pool
Candidates are sorted
objectively for culture fit and
filtered using your criteria

Campus hiring

Recruiting talent takes time. Screening junior talent is hard.
Gyfted makes it easy and fast.

Hire SDRs, Sales Reps

We can help you hire top entry level tech sales candidates, sales development reps (SDRs), business development reps (BDRs), inside sales, SaaS sales, tech sales folk through our platform.

Hire Junior Developers

Find entry level software engineers for hire. Hire junior web developers, software engineers, junior engineers, front end developers, QA engineers, python developers, and javascript developers through our platform.

Hire a Junior Recruiter

The shift to remote work and hybrid is here. Hire the best IT recruiters, technical recruiters, junior sourcers, researchers, junior sourcing specialists, talent acquisition specialists, and technical sourcers.

Hire CSMs

We help you find people-oriented, empathetic CSMs, motivated customer support, entry level it support, digital customer support and tech customer success manager candidates.

Hire a Junior Marketing Coordinator

Recruiting talented employees? Hire a UI designer, junior UX designer, entry level graphic designer, junior web designer. entry level marketing analyst, digital marketers, growth marketers or meme managers.

Hire Data Analysts

Find the best junior talent. Junior data scientists, entry level data analysts, data analytics interns, junior business analysts, and entry level operations analysts from top universities.

Advantages of hiring fresh graduates

State of the art screening to execute on your early career talent strategy. Hiring entry level candidates is smart in this competitive job market.
Hiring for talent not experience Hire for potential by focusing on culture fit, learning agility and cognitive ability.
Hire for the long-term Stop competing for senior talent and build a talent pipeline by hiring top junior talent.
Develop strong teams Develop a growth positive culture based on loyality, potential, and skills.

Build a high performance developer team

The race to hire tech talent in the form of experienced and senior candidates is really tough. Early talent acquisition in itself is hard. Recruitment outsourcing is also expensive if you’re looking for an entry level, graduate or junior recruitment agency. With Gyfted recruiting IT and entry level talent is easy. Start by building your own fresh talent pipeline to win the war for talent in tech.

Future of talent acquisition

In the new world of work flexibility is highly valued by job-seekers. That is why screening and hiring for culture fit is essential as more employees demand it. To improve hiring for cultural fit use the online assessment tools for recruitment developed by experts in fields like cognitive science, occupational psychology and data science. Gyfted’s psychometric tools for recruitment combing workflow automation with state of the art behavioral science and candidate experience design.

Frequently asked questions

How to attract young talent to your company?

You've come to the right place if you're wondering how to hire developers or how to attract young talent to your company. The right strategy to attract talent is to focus, above all, on the personal growth and professional development you can offer to young talent. A core part of your success is preparing a solid onboarding for the new hires, and mentorship or training. The top companies hiring fresh graduates do this.

How does Gyfted's recruitment software work?

Gyfted’s approach to job matching is based on preference matching that takes information from both sides of the hiring process (ie. from the hiring manager or recruiter, and from applicants). At the core the recruiter defines the role with a short structured form (Job Creator), including a candidate trait preference assessment to identify “who” the recruiter is seeking to hire. Candidates go through an application form designed to capture their work preferences, values and most prominent strengths, as well as data skills or cognitive ability. Identifying their motivations and company culture really matters. Gyfted takes a holistic approach in matching candidates to you and your team. This is especially of value with junior hires that come in volume, and for identifying preference fit for the long run — in order to lower turnover.

How to hire an SDR?

Hire SDR - you've decided. Recruiting new talent in sales can be tricky. Good candidates should be hungry, determined, self-disciplined and interested in progressing in a career where they get rewarded, and enjoy working with and helping your customers. Hiring a sales development representative is mostly about evaluating communication, persuasion and soft skills that show grit and stamina. Fit for your sales team's culture is relevant here as well. Degrees and credentials don't marry that much, although for consultative sales tracks they could matter.

How to hire junior developers?

Where to find talent when it comes to hiring junior developers or finding the best way to hire web developers are common topics in junior IT tech talent recruitment. Gyfted is one of the best sites to hire junior developers. It is best to evaluate cognitive ability, motivation, as well as basic coding skills of your applicants, as well as look at their portfolio and GitHub - proof of work that is practical and clean code are most important in figuring out how to hire junior software engineers.

How to hire a junior sourcing specialist?

You can find junior sourcing specialists with Gyfted. In order to get the right candidates and evaluate them correctly you should assess their ability, motivation, and character traits. They should be people-oriented and high in empathy, interested in helping others, communicative and enthusiastic. A junior recruiter, junior sourcer, junior technical recruiter and similar jobs are becoming ever more popular due to the demand for tech talent and recruiting pressures globally with the expansion of remote work.
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