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ChatGPT passes human level Theory of Mind and other tests!

Mar 20, 2023
7 min read

Quick update to research on OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4 ability to pass standardized tests and empathy (theory of mind) assessment.

In the December research ChatGPT-3.5 could pass the below at a 9-year old’s level, you can read more about it here.

Now, with GPT-4, ChatGPT can pass at an adult human level the Faux-pas Recognition Test (Adult version), a validated test of Theory of Mind. See below:

Wonder what’ll happen in image recognition form in reading emotions from people’s eyes – like in this emotion recognition assessment we have at Gyfted. Nevertheless, this is all really intriguing.

ChatGPT passes standardized tests well

Moreover, ChatGPT-4 can pass many standardized tests, and this is an amazing capability of this system: https://openai.com/research/gpt-4

It looks like an arms race is coming ahead between assessment companies and candidates, given such results on educational entry exams.

One might wonder how will companies in technical programming like HackerRank, Codility, CoderPad, CodeSignal fare, or general testing companies like TestGorilla or SHL. Incentives will matter significantly in this process.

Perhaps companies (customers of test provider solutions) will stop giving skills and task assessments to candidates? Candidates feel like they are hamsters running on recruiting process treadmills just to cater to the anxieties and biases of hiring managers and recruiters (mostly worried about mis-hires and avoiding accountability in recruitment decision – especially in enterprises), and they have every incentive to avoid tests as obstacles. That’s why it is not about testing per se, but about uncovering valid signals and discovering hidden talent that fits you in hiring, which is what we’re about at Gyfted.