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Eight legit reasons to quit your job

Mar 18, 2023
4 min read

If you find yourself feeling trapped in your current job, it’s time to reflect on your true desires for your career path. Countless opportunities are waiting, just begging to be seized. While the thought of leaving your job might send shivers down your spine, it’s crucial to take a step back and evaluate your situation. There’s no harm in exploring your options. You owe it to yourself to discover what other adventures might be waiting for you.

Eight honest reasons to consider quitting

Below are the eight valuable reasons to consider quitting as you seek a deeper meaning in your career journey.

Your Well-being

  1. During the pandemic, our physical and mental health took quite a toll. Now that we’re back in the workforce, we’re also striving to catch up with our well-being. However, your energy is limited each day. When you work for yourself, you can cut down on the “time wasters” that come with a typical job—meetings, emails, commutes, and so on. You know the drill. I’ve used my extra hours to focus on my mental and physical health.

Your Loved Ones

  1. Your spouse or partner is aging, and your children are growing up rapidly. When you look back at your life, would you prefer having spent more time at the office or cultivating a business that allowed you to be with those you cherish? Staying close to your family helps you experience your “why” on a daily basis.

Your Time

  1. Time seemed to crawl when I was a child. It sped up a bit in my 20s. And suddenly, I’m 41. I don’t mean to be morose, but the sands of time are slipping through the hourglass ever more quickly. I couldn’t bear to spend the best years of my life apart from my wife, unable to explore the world, or missing precious moments with my parents. Being in control of my time is the greatest reward of being a solopreneur.


  1. In case you haven’t noticed, companies are downsizing left and right. You may feel a sense of allegiance to your employer, but unfortunately, this is often a one-sided relationship. In reality, you’re just a number on a spreadsheet until the sums no longer add up. The era of 30+ year careers at one company is long gone. When you work for yourself, you’ll have the boss you truly deserve.


  1. By building a thriving online business, you gain leverage for yourself. You’re more difficult to manipulate. You can say “no” with confidence. You can take time off at your leisure. And you can perform at your best when it suits you. You’re in control of your efforts and ambitions. You make the decisions. You dictate your own pace and direction.


  1. Dream of taking Johnny on a fishing trip? Want to accompany your elderly parents on their long-awaited trip to Japan? No more disappointments due to a boss’s refusal, while bragging to your friends about your company’s work/life balance. Embrace the opportunity to say yes to what truly matters.


  1. As a child, did you ever dream of sitting in a cubicle, discussing a random integrated multi-platform solution that may never make it to an IPO? Certainly not. Rather, devote your precious hours to your passion and find those who need what you have to offer. Trust me, they’re out there.


  1. We may think we want happiness, but what we truly seek is joy. Happiness is a collection of fleeting moments. Joy, on the other hand, stems from making a significant impact during our lives. By investing in yourself and aligning with your greater purpose, you grant yourself the

We work to live, not the other way around.