Hybrid vs Remote Work Test

Is remote work right for me? Is working from home good for me? Discover what remote or hybrid work model fits you.

Scientific assessments, with this one based on the OCEAN Model.

This quiz helps you understand where should you work and it is grounded on a psychometric tool for assessing traits conducive to specific environments. It’ll help you guide yourself in understanding your ideal work environment.


Gyfted’s free remote work personality quiz provides you with insights into what kind of work environment suits you best and where you can be most productive. You will better understand your traits and the work atmosphere in which you can thrive.

Why is this of value to me?

There are many different types of work environments and it is of importance to find the right one for you to achieve your top performance and stay inspired. Understanding your perfect work environment can also boost your personal and professional development. Use it as a tool for personal discovery and career choice.

How you can use this test?

Ways you can use your online free workplace personality quiz results:
Get instant feedback on your ideal work environment based on your answers
Become more aware of work that fits your personality with this free self-assessment
Share your workplace personality quiz results with friends and see how you compare

How it works?

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      Frequently asked questions

      What is a work environment?

      The work environment is the surrounding conditions in which employee operates. It includes physical conditions, such as room temperature, equipment availability, the color of walls, cleanliness, ergonomics, and open space / office setup above all. It is related to work processes, type of work done (asynchronous, synchronous), number of meetings, company politics, and social interactions with colleagues and clients. A good office environment and culture can improve workers’ morale, performance, and job satisfaction, and a poor one can destroy it and lead to churn.

      What are the various models of work?

      There are three main models of work:
      - Traditional model of work in an office means stationary work in the office or on-site together with other colleagues.
      - Work from home or remote work model does not require employees to be physically present in the office in order to complete work. Tasks are usually fulfilled using digital tools and online communication with colleagues and clients. Although most of work is done remotely, staff can occasionally get together for meetups.
      - Hybrid or flexible work model implies work partly on-site or in the office and partly remotely depending upon work requirements and tasks. This varies a lot on the spectrum of frequency of office work and rigidity of rules around this.

      How to find out what is your ideal work environment?

      One can identify their ideal work environment using a self-assessment test based on psychometrics for assessing their real preferences toward workplace environments. This is an emerging area of research.

      Why is it important to know work model preferences?

      Identifying what kind of environment you work best in is crucial when it comes to choosing a place of work based purely on which model of work the company provides. Understanding personal preferences when it comes to choosing a workplace can help you find a suitable job with a work model that boosts your engagement, and personal satisfaction and makes you more effective when it comes to teamwork or fulfilling your duties on your own. In a long run, knowing your preferences makes it easier to make career plans and avoid wasting your life in jobs that don’t “fit” you.
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