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Relationship Report

Create a compatibility reporty with insights into your relationship based on our couples quiz - a self-report love compatibility test and mutual assessment you both complete to see how you’re a match.

Are we a good match quiz

Looking if you’re a perfect match? Or just seeking insights into your romantic relationship? Create a joint relationship report with your partner. After both of you have finished your individual and mutual evaluations, you can extend an invitation to your partner to link their results with yours. Once this link is established, you both gain access to a comprehensive relationship report. This report will display: both your self-assessment scores and outcomes, outcomes of your assessments of one another, with a summary that gives insight into your potential romantic dynamics based on these results.


Understand your relationship dynamics, shared values and potential areas of conflict. This comprehensive view provides opportunities for improved communication, as each individual can tailor their approach based on their partner's traits and preferences. The report offers insights into potential disagreements and enables more understanding.

Compatibility report: Is he the one quiz Do I like her quiz

The value of a Couple Relationship Report is manifold, offering a tool for relationship enhancement. This report paves the way for improved communication between partners and fosters mutual understanding and appreciation, as well as self-awareness. This will help you open up avenues for dialogue on your relationship strengths, areas of improvement, and shared goals. A Couples Quiz - Relationship Report holds significant worth. It aids in identifying and addressing any underlying issues that might be impeding the growth of the relationship. Couples can explore their emotional compatibility and understand their individual personalities better, fostering a healthier relationship environment. The detailed report generated from a Couples Quiz offers valuable insights, making it a worthwhile investment for any couple looking to enrich their relationship journey.

How you can use this test?

Better understand each other
Improve your mutual awareness
Improve your relationships dynamics
Improve you relationship intensity

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Couples Quiz

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