Senior Blockchain Developer at
Full Time

We're seeking a senior blockchain specialist who's ready to tackle unconventional challenges and develop expertise in blockchain technologies.

We're focused on building a microservices architecture, so candidates with expertise in Node.JS, Python, Go, and similar technologies are an excellent fit.

In this role, you'll work closely on non-standard tasks, such as market analytics, researching the capabilities of various blockchain projects and combining them in developed tools.

Our Expectations

  • Prior experience in blockchain development, particularly within the DeFi sector.
  • Proficiency in one or more of the following technologies: Node.JS, Python, Go, etc.
  • Experience with databases like Postgres, Redis, MongoDB.
  • Familiarity with Git and SDLC tools.
  • Knowledge of containerization tools such as Docker, docker-compose, and docker-swarm.

Your Advantages

  • In-depth understanding of DeFi technologies.
  • Previous involvement in trading, including the development of trading strategies and algorithms, as well as market analysis skills.
  • Competence in Solidity and practical experience in creating smart contracts.

Good Stuff

  • We're not into too much paperwork or boring stuff. We like to get things done.
  • We value the input of each team member, as it contributes directly to the product's evolution.
  • We really like it when you take charge and come up with new things.
  • Our company maintains an accessible management structure, open to receiving and implementing suggestions.
  • Potential bonuses upon reaching key developmental milestones.
  • Personalized bonus structure for pivotal members of the proactive development squad.
  • Fully remote work with a flexible schedule, accommodating mutual agreements.

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