Java Backend Senior
24K - 33K PLN / month
Warszawa, Poland
Rzeszów, Poland
Kraków, Poland
Why CRED’s Polish Team? CRED is a members-only app that offers exclusive rewards for paying bills by credit card. CRED app has 14 million members, 8+ million Monthly Active Users. It is a top global fin-tech startup. CRED has one of the best technical working environments for tech talents to flourish and it has business results to prove it with over 900 million USD in investment and over 4 billion USD valuation.When you join CRED’s Polish Team your technical talents will be challenged to design and develop cutting-edge technology solutions from scratch which will be a vital part of CRED’s existing business that already processes millions of transactions and terabytes of data daily. CRED Polish Team is an independent, vital extension of existing 200+ IT engineers, which is a sweet spot for accelerating your career as the organization is big enough to give you all the perks of the most prominent players in IT sector while still having a dynamic startup environment with a lot of individual freedom and new job opportunities appearing in CRED every week.Working at CRED would instantly make you realize one thing: you are working with the best talent around you. We are building the first team in Poland, 100% remote Getting started: ASAP We offer:
  • Attractive salary depending on skills and experience (B2B: 20% above the market average. Preferred salary payment in dollars.)
  • Tutoring and inside-organization training
  • 26 days of fully paid leave of absence
Tools used:
  • Collaboration: Slack
  • Source repositories: Git
  • Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Containers: Docker, Kubernetes
  • Cloud services: AWS (mostly EKS, ECR, EC2, EFS, RDS but we adopt more and more cloud services to our stack)
Organization of work:
  • Agile development
  • Good practices: clean code, design patterns
  • Number of people in the team: 10
Task / Responsibilities:
  • Designing large-scale and high-complexity systems
  • Assure the highest quality of the platform’s performance
  • Integrating with external APIs
  • Following current industry trends and incorporating best practices into the solution
  • Minimum 5+ years of experience in programming in Java
  • Knowledge of Java11+, Docker, REST, Spring Boot, JPA/Hibernate, MySQL or PostgreSQL, GIT, JUnit/Mockito/AssertJ
  • Experience with creating and working with a microservices approach
  • Knowledge of algorithmics, data structures, multithreading
  • Knowledge of good principles, i.e., SOLID, DRY, KISS, YAGNI
  • Good communication in English (at least B2 level)
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills (ability to work in a team)
  • "Nothing is impossible"; approach to problem-solving
Recruitment stages:
  1. Exploratory call (introduction and set context)
  2. Coding round (with a coding task)
  3. Design round (discussion of how you would approach the solution of the given problem)
  4. Cred Mark - a conversation about your previous experience, approaching challenges in everyday work and organization culture.
  5. Decision + final negotiations

*Hiring Bonus:
You will get a sign-on bonus with your first monthly salary that will be an equivalent of 10% of your yearly salary. The condition is to work for 12 months. The bonus must be returned in the event of the candidate's voluntary departure before working with CRED for 12 months.The Polish team recruitment coordinator for the CRED company is Funmedia sp. z o.o. from Wrocław.

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