DevOps/ Cloud Engineer
5.3K - 7.5K USD / month
Kraków, Poland
Warszawa, Poland
Poznań, Poland
Aterian (NASDAQ: ATER) is a rapidly growing technology-enabled consumer products company that uses machine learning, natural language processing, and data analytics to design, develop, market, and sell products through online retail channels (e.g., Amazon, Walmart, etc). Aterian was founded on the premise that if a company selling consumer packaged goods was founded today, it would apply artificial intelligence and machine learning, the synthesis of massive quantities of data, and the use of social proof to validate high caliber product offerings as opposed to over-reliance on brand value and other traditional marketing tactics.About our project:As a member of the Aterian team, you will be working on our proprietary products. We sell on various e-commerce platforms, including being one of the largest sellers on Amazon, and our system for managing sales channels, called Aimee, is automated, offering services such as fulfillment and logistics, forecasting demand, optimizing marketing, pricing and market research, as well as utilizing affiliate platforms.As a cloud engineer you will be working primarily on Aimee but also supporting the wider organization's infrastructure. You will be doing Linux/cloud administration, improving/maintaining the infra, adding security and controls, monitoring the servers, deploying CI/CD pipelines and helping the business move to infrastructure as a code. To achieve all this, we need team members who are ready to dive in and help us grow. That’s where you come in. What we use/ day-to-day duties (you don’t need to know everything on the list, but it helps): ⦿ Azure, Linux, Terraform, Ansible, Packer, Vagrant⦿ Linux/Cloud administration⦿ Moving to Infrastructure as a code⦿ Improving and maintaining the environment: Security + Controls⦿ Databases, backups, security monitoring ,CI/CDWhat we need you to have:⦿ Minimum of 5 years experience in Linux⦿ 5 years cloud (Azure ideally but can consider AWS and GCP)⦿ Terraform is essential unless you are super senior (10+ years)⦿ Knowledge of networking, virtual networks, peering etc. ⦿ Proficiency in spoken and written English⦿ Critical thinking ability, proactivity and ability to work independentlyWhat we're offering:⦿ Salary in range of 5300 USD - 7500 USD⦿ Macbook M1/M2 Pro⦿ 4+ weeks of paid vacation (depends on performance) ⦿ All your national or religious holidays are off work⦿ Paid sick leave⦿ Flexible working times⦿ 2000 USD per year as Education Budget (after first 6 months of work) ⦿ Work fully remotely or from our office in CracowRecruitment process:There are 2 steps in our recruitment process. After reviewing and accepting your CV we'll invite you to two meetings:⦿ First Interview - 120 minutes long Google Meet call. We will discuss your technical skills and experience.⦿ Second Interview - up to 30 minutes long Google Meet call. We will discuss your soft skills, check your team-fit and talk in English.We don't like to stretch the process so expect those calls to be performed in a timespan of 48h each.
About company
We are the leading consumer product platform. We build, acquire, and partner with brands, harnessing proprietary software and an agile supply chain to create top-selling consumer products.

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