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Is containers/packaging a good career path? A short guide.

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Is containers/packaging a good career path?

Containers and packaging are essential components of the manufacturing and distribution industries. They are used to protect and transport goods, and as such, they play a crucial role in the global economy. The packaging industry is expected to grow at a steady pace in the coming years, making it a promising career path for those interested in this field. With the increasing demand for sustainable packaging solutions, the industry is also becoming more environmentally conscious, making it an exciting time to be a part of this industry.

Types of jobs in containers/packaging

The containers and packaging industry offers a wide range of job opportunities, from entry-level positions to senior management roles. Some of the most common jobs in this industry include packaging engineer, packaging designer, packaging technician, packaging machine operator, and packaging sales representative. Other roles include quality control inspector, production supervisor, and logistics coordinator. With the increasing demand for sustainable packaging solutions, there is also a growing need for professionals with expertise in sustainable packaging design and development.

How best to start a career in containers/packaging?

Starting a career in containers and packaging requires a combination of education, training, and experience. Many entry-level positions in this industry require a high school diploma or equivalent, while others may require a degree in packaging engineering, industrial design, or a related field. To gain experience in the industry, it is recommended to seek internships or apprenticeships with packaging companies or manufacturers. Networking with professionals in the industry and attending industry events can also help to build connections and gain valuable insights into the industry.

What do jobs in the US and UK pay in containers/packaging?

The salaries for jobs in the containers and packaging industry vary depending on the position, location, and level of experience. According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a packaging engineer in the United States is $77,000 per year, while a packaging designer earns an average of $60,000 per year. In the United Kingdom, a packaging engineer earns an average of £35,000 per year, while a packaging designer earns an average of £25,000 per year. Salaries for other positions in the industry may vary.

What are the downsides of a career in containers/packaging?

Like any industry, there are some downsides to a career in containers and packaging. One of the biggest challenges is the need to keep up with changing technologies and materials. The industry is constantly evolving, and professionals in this field need to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations. Another challenge is the potential for repetitive work, particularly in positions such as packaging machine operator. However, for those who are passionate about the industry and enjoy problem-solving and innovation, these challenges can be overcome.

What are the fastest growing jobs in containers/packaging?

The containers and packaging industry is expected to grow at a steady pace in the coming years, with a particular focus on sustainable packaging solutions. As such, some of the fastest-growing jobs in this industry include sustainable packaging designer, packaging sustainability manager, and packaging sustainability consultant. Other growing areas include e-commerce packaging design and development, as well as automation and robotics in packaging production. As the industry continues to evolve, there will be many exciting opportunities for professionals in this field.

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